Team Member Referral Program

Introducing the new Team Member Referral Program. Help us build an even better team at Hackensack Meridian Health and get rewarded for it!

Our team members have a profound impact on their communities, but just as importantly they have a large impact on each other as they shape the HMH community. They rely on each other everyday to care for patients, solve problems, and work together to build the best health care system possible. So we’re asking you for your help to find the best candidates who can join our HMH team and make a positive impact.

We want to meet your candidate!

We know that not only are we stronger together, but that working together produces the best results. Team members trust each other, and we want to help further cultivate that trust by relying on our greatest asset to hire new team members: you!

That’s why we want hear from you if you know someone who:

  • Is creative, courageous, compassionate and collaborative?
  • You trust to work hard and help build a better HMH?
  • Can help cultivate a positive and diverse environment?
  • Is ready to make a difference?

If you do, we want to meet them! You can now refer prospective team members through our new referral program. If they’re hired, you get a reward for helping. As simple and easy as that!

Reward Structure

We place great importance on referrals because we trust our team members and we want to meet the people you trust! If we hire your referred candidate, you are eligible to receive a referral bonus.

  • $300 for team member referral hired into full time position with standard hours ≥ 36 hours.
  • $100 for team member referral hired into part time position with standard hours ≥ 20 hours.
  • Additional rewards may be offered for referrals for pre-determined hard-to-fill roles.

How to Refer

HMH will use our Applicant Tracking System for the management of our Team Member Referral Program. If you are unable to access the system, you can submit your referral to the local HR Leader. If you are having trouble submitting your referral or have additional questions, please email NICOLE.HARDY@HMHN.ORG.

Referring a candidate through the iCIMS Applicant Tracking System is easy! In the system, you can refer prospective candidates in two ways:

  • General Referral – A general referral is when you refer a friend to HMH without a specific job in mind. When you create a general referral, it will remain in the Talent Selection System for 6 months, during which time, the referred candidate can apply to jobs in the HMH system. After the six (6) month period, if the referred candidate has not applied to any jobs it will be removed from the databank thereafter.
  • Referring to a Specific Opening – You can find a specific job and share it with a friend through the Applicant Tracking System. This will invite the referred candidate to apply through a series of emails and invitations.

Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to refer a candidate!

All Team Members are eligible to participate on our referral program except:

  • Hiring Managers or anyone directly or indirectly responsible for the specific opening
  • Team Members in the Human Resources Department
  • All Vice Presidents and above are excluded from participation

Some candidates will not qualify you for rewards. The recruitment of the following team members will not result in a reward:

  • Former team members referred for rehire
  • Temporary team members including summer team members
  • Transferred team members
  • Any candidate referred previously through an agency
  • A candidate, not previously referred through an agency, but with whom HMH had contact with in the previous 6 months as evidenced in the Applicant Tracking System
  • Rewards will be paid out within 90 days of the date HMH hires the referred candidate. Both the referred and referring Team Member must be on HMH payroll at the time to receive payout.
  • There is no cap on the number of referrals a Team Member can make. All rewards will be paid accordingly.
  • If two or more team members refer the same candidate, only the first referrer will receive their referral rewards.
  • Referrers are still eligible for rewards even if a candidate is hired at a later time or gets hired for another position.
  • Keep in mind that rewards may be subject to taxation. Please contact HR or our ERP Program Manager for more information.

We may change our referral bonus program over time to add more interesting incentives. We also reserve the right to abolish certain rewards if they prove ineffective or inefficient. We will communicate any changes clearly and in a timely fashion. Employees who referred candidates before a reward was abolished will still receive the appropriate reward.

Please remember that HMH is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against protected characteristics. Our referred candidates may take precedence in the hiring process. We guarantee that all candidates will be given the same consideration and will pass through our established procedures.

Subject to union negotiations. We are required by law to deal with the unions on behalf of unionized team members, and we will continue to do so. We will only negotiate with the unions, not with individual unionized team members.