Military Leave

Hackensack Meridian Health team members who are in the uniformed services are eligible to take Temporary Military Leave to participate in military training (for up to ten days per year) and Extended Military Leave (all other military leave) in accordance with the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Right Act (USERRA). Team members that are directed to participate in military service that exceeds ten working days will be placed on an unpaid leave of absence. Eligibility for benefits during the leave, length of leave, and other conditions depend upon the circumstances of the leave and other qualifying factors. Please see our Leaves of Absence policy on PolicyStat for a full list of leaves available and corresponding eligibility requirements.

IMPORTANT: Team members returning from Military Leave will be guaranteed reemployment to their prior or similar position and/or the position the team member would have obtained had it not been for the military service, in accordance with law.*

I need to request a military leave. How do I get started?

  1. Notify your leader of your intent to take a leave.
  2. Call The Hartford at 1-888-924-4155 or log in/create an account at to submit your request for a leave. You must call 30 days in advance of the leave, if possible.

I am on an approved military leave. How will I be paid?

Military Leave (temporary and extended) is unpaid.

I am on an extended military leave. What happens to my benefits?

  • All accrued and unused PTO and holiday time will be paid out to you at the beginning of your leave.
  • Medical coverage will continue for up to 30 days at the active team member rate, provided you elect to continue coverage and pay your portion of the premium.
  • You have the option to continue with HMH’s health insurance at your own expense after 30 days on leave at 100 percent of the full cost for up to 24 months. However, your military medical benefits become effective on the date of deployment or enlistment.

I am returning to work following a military leave. What do I need to do?

1. E-mail the LOA Accommodations team at or fax 1-848-245-8453 to notify them of your request to return to work, the date you wish to return, and your contact phone number.

2. Submit your military discharge documentation to the LOA Accommodations team to confirm the length and character of your military service.

3. Depending on the length of your absence, you will be reinstated in your prior or similar position and/or the position you would have obtained had it not been for the military service, in accordance with law.* Please see the full Leaves of Absence policy on PolicyStat.

Please note: Upon return from a military leave, your base salary will be adjusted to reflect any increases you would have received had you remained on the job.

4. The LOA Accommodations team will update your status in MyWay-PeopleSoft and confirm your return to work date with your leader.

5. Call your leader to coordinate your return to work.

* Upon returning from a military leave, a team member is not entitled to reinstatement if any of the following conditions exist: 1) The team member failed to apply for re-employment in a timely manner; 2) The team member did not receive an honorable discharge from military service; 3) HMH’s circumstances have so changed as to make reemployment impossible or unreasonable.

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Other Types of Leave

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Subject to union negotiations. We are required by law to deal with the unions on behalf of unionized team members, and we will continue to do so. We will only negotiate with the unions, not with individual unionized team members.