Optum Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

HMH is announcing a new partnership with Optum in order to offer a new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that is better designed to help you live your best life and support your mental health. Because helping you live a healthy, balanced life – physically, emotionally and socially – is important to Hackensack Meridian Health. 

How an EAP Can Help You

HMH’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides team members with confidential support for both everyday challenges and more serious problems. Counselors and other specialists can help you and your family members with the following:

  • Child and eldercare support
  • Parenting and family issues
  • Relationship troubles
  • Workplace problems or conflicts
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Living with chronic conditions
  • Legal, financial and mediation services

How an EAP Can Help Working Parents

The COVID-19 pandemic has required working parents to juggle their job and family responsibilities. HMH’s EAP provides numerous resources for working parents, including those related to child care, parenting, and even education, all of which can be found on Optum’s website.

You can also contact Optum directly and speak with a Worklife Specialist, who will ask questions about your situation (for instance, child care needs) and will do the research for you – a great option for busy parents! See below for more information about how to access these and other EAP services.

Accessing EAP Services

HMH’s EAP services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To get started, visit Liveandworkwell.com (access code: HMHNEAP) where you can explore informative articles and videos on a wide range of topics and search for in-network EAP providers. You can also call Optum at 1-866-407-5252. An EAP specialist will listen to your needs and connect you to the appropriate resources and/or experts. For example:

  • If you need help with a financial or legal issue, a specialist will refer you to an expert in that field.
  • If you want to see a clinician, Optum will match you with someone in the Optum network who has the appropriate experience to help. Optum will work to satisfy your preferences with respect to gender, language and/or cultural requirements.

Please note: Team members in current treatment with an EAP provider will need to confirm if their current provider is in the Optum network by calling Optum at 1-866-407-5252 or visiting Optum’s website at www.liveandworkwell.com (access code: HMHNEAP).

EAP Eligibility and Benefits for Team Members

Team members, their dependents, and other members of their household are eligible for EAP services regardless of whether they or the team member is enrolled in an HMH medical plan. An Optum ID card is not needed to access the Optum EAP benefits. Should you or your provider have questions, please contact Optum at 1-866-407-5252.

Benefits for team members and members of their household include the following:

  • Up to 5 sessions to see a face-to-face counselor
  • Unlimited telephonic access to a master’s level specialist
  • Unlimited access to online information, articles and other tools through Liveandworkwell.com
  • A free 30- to 60-minute financial consultation per issue
  • A free 30-minute attorney consultation and a 25% discount on continuing services

All of these EAP services are provided to you at no-cost and are 100% confidential in accordance with the law.

Please click here for a more complete list of EAP services available to team members.

Optum’s EAP Offerings

  • Liveandworkwell.com: This website is your EAP benefits hub, which you can access with code HMHNEAP. Explore informative articles and videos on a wide range of mental health and substance use topics, along with assessment tools and self-help programs. You’ll also find an easy-to-use provider search tool that helps you search for in-network EAP providers — by location, specialty, gender and more.
  • Mobile app: Stress doesn’t just happen at work. The myLiveandworkwell app is available anytime, anywhere. Key features include an inventory of available EAP and work-life benefits, access to liveandworkwell.com content, a provider search tool, chat and call back options and more. Download the myliveandworkwell app from the App store or Google Play and use access code is HMHNEAP.
  • Talkspace: With Talkspace, you can communicate with a licensed, masters-level EAP provider via text, voice or video 24/7, safely and securely. To get started, call 1-866-407-5252 to obtain an authorization code (first visit only) and then choose a provider at www.talkspace.com/connect.
  • Sanvello: The Sanvello app offers clinical techniques to help you dial down the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Connect with powerful tools anytime and stay engaged each day for results you can feel. Download the free Sanvello app from the App store or Google Play.
  • Virtual visits: Talk to a licensed therapist or psychiatrist via confidential online video appointments. Our clinicians can treat common conditions, such as depression and anxiety, and psychiatrists can write prescriptions when necessary. Find virtual visit providers in your state using the provider search tool under “Find a Resource” on liveandworkwell.com. Or call Optum at 1-866-407-5252.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential information and counseling service provided as a benefit to team members and their families at no cost to you. It is intended to provide timely, quality, confidential assistance when it is needed.

The EAP provides short-term counseling either face to face or virtually, as well as referrals for extended care. Counselors and other specialists are ready to help with relationship troubles, parenting and family issues, workplace problems or conflicts, stress and anxiety, childcare and eldercare support, living with chronic conditions and legal, financial and mediation services.

Yes. All counseling sessions are kept confidential in accordance with federal and state laws. Optum will never share your personal records with HMH or anyone else without your permission.

No. As an HMH team member, you and your family members are entitled to five free counseling sessions. If your situation requires extended counseling, your EAP counselor will refer you to a counselor who provides services under your HMH Health Benefits plan.

Accessing your Employee Assistance Program is easy and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visit www.liveandworkwell.com, access code HMHNEAP, or call Optum at 1-866-407-5252.

Starting October 1, 2020, your EAP visits will reset with Optum. You will need to obtain a new EAP authorization effective October 1, 2020. Call Optum at 1-866-407-5252 to obtain a new EAP authorization.

If you or your family member are receiving EAP services with an EAP provider prior to October 1, 2020, you will need to check with Optum to confirm if your existing provider is in the Optum network. You may check on the Optum web portal at www.liveandworkwell.com, access code HMHNEAP. You may also call Optum at 1-866-407-5252 to determine if your provider is in the Optum network. If your current EAP provider is not in the Optum network, you will need to select a new EAP provider starting October 1.

You should alert your EAP provider that your EAP benefit coverage will be administered by Optum as of October 1, 2020. You and/or your provider will need to request a new EAP authorization under Optum for services to continue at the in-network level of benefits. Please call Optum at 1-866-407-5252 to request a new EAP authorization.

Note: If you are not in an immediate need, you may submit an EAP authorization online through www.liveandworkwell.com, access code HMHNEAP.

  • Go to Benefits in the menu bar at the top of the page, and select “Additional Benefit Information”
  • Select “Employee Assistance Program”
  • Select “Read more” and click the button “Request authorization”
  • Click “Continue” to complete the web form
  • Check the box “I agree to receive authorization via email.”
  • Click “Submit” and you will receive the EAP authorization via email

If your current provider is interested in joining the Optum network, your provider can obtain preliminary application information at www.providerexpress.com or call Optum directly through our provider network services line at 1-877-614-0484. Please have your provider mention Hackensack Meridian Health System Health Care when speaking with Optum.

Contact Information

Subject to union negotiations. We are required by law to deal with the unions on behalf of unionized team members, and we will continue to do so. We will only negotiate with the unions, not with individual unionized team members.