Benefit Advocate Center

Benefit programs are complex and can be difficult to understand. That’s why we have engaged outside experts who specialize in understanding the technical nature of benefits and how to work with our benefit partners on your behalf. The Benefit Advocate Center can help you with:

Insurance Contact Information
Have you not received your insurance cards, need replacement cards or need to get in touch with an insurance carrier?

Explanation of Benefits
Is it unclear to you what your insurance covered on a particular claim and what your responsibility is?

Prescription/Pharmacy Issues
Is the pharmacy telling you that your medication is not covered or charging you full price? Do you need help getting an authorization on a medication?

General Policy Questions
How much PTO am I eligible for? How do I learn more about my 401k? What is my tuition reimbursement opportunity? Am I eligible for FMLA? I don’t understand my disability benefits.

Get Started

Call TMSC at the number below and listen for the prompt for the direct connection to the Benefit Advocate Center.

Subject to union negotiations. We are required by law to deal with the unions on behalf of unionized team members, and we will continue to do so. We will only negotiate with the unions, not with individual unionized team members.