Early Childhood Education Centers

At Hackensack Meridian Early Childhood Education Centers, we believe that childhood experiences can have a long-lasting impact on one’s future. The earliest years of education can promote positive developmental experiences, foster independence and encourage each child’s uniqueness. Our programs allow each child to mature naturally based on his or her age, individual temperament and interests – and, ultimately, to optimize his or her development.

We take great pride in our professional team and their qualifications, credentials, and ability to work together. Our programs’ curriculum, The Creative Curriculum, is a multi-sensory, hands-on educational approach based on the belief that not all children share the same interests. We encourage children to make choices, throughout the day, regarding which activities they wish to participate in.

Our curriculum is integrated throughout the learning environment, and opportunities for learning are woven into each child’s daily activities. The learning atmosphere is rich in exploration, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, arts, technology and discovery opportunities – enabling each child to celebrate success in the center and in life.

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